5 reasons to go to Mobile Trends Conference 2022.

5 reasons to go to Mobile Trends Conference 2022

Poland’s largest conference on marketing and programming for mobile devices – Mobile Trends Conference – starts in less than two weeks (January 16). If you are still wondering whether to attend this event, the five benefits listed below will certainly help you decide.

1. You will learn about the latest developments in mobile technologies.

The progress in the mobile industry is so fast that without constantly keeping an eye on the market, you can quickly “go out of business”. Only the most current and cutting-edge issues are covered at the Mobile Trends Conference, so attending this event will enable you to stay up to date. Among the “top” topics worth mentioning are user experience (it will be discussed by Steven Hoober – a mobile industry strategist from the USA), issues of good design of application interfaces (Monika Mikowska during Business Day and Łukasz Grondecki during Development Day), Bluetooth Low Energy (experienced programmer Adam Kubiczek will talk about the new, revolutionary standard), multiscreening (this increasingly common phenomenon will be discussed by Piotr Szostak), RWD philosophy (m.in.

Grigoriy Kochenov, Honza Sládek) or m-commerce (m.in. Bartosz Witoń of Allegro).

2. You will learn how to start a business in mobile.

The real boom in mobile devices started quite recently, so the issue of successfully entering the mobile world is still relevant. Mariola Szypszak and Tomasz Witt will talk about the process of mobile application development – from the idea, through production, to promotion. Wondering whether to opt for a mobile website, RWD or an app?

Honza Sládek, a Czech expert on CSS and RWD issues, aims to make this choice easier for you.

3. You will see with your own eyes what the future looks like.

Google Glass will be available at MTC 2022! We will give you a unique opportunity to test this futuristic device. (Glasses thanks to We like CAPS! – Kalicinski Group.com) And if we are already talking about futuristic solutions, there will certainly be no shortage of them during the lecture by Karol Kopanko, entitled “Generation Y – how the world is changing, and technology is changing for them”. Karol will tell us m.in.

What awaits us after Facebook and the smartphone.

4. You will meet the best specialists and have a great networking opportunity!

Mobile Trends conferences are famous for excellent networking. This year we also made sure to have long coffee breaks and a networking event at the end of the first day. The meeting in one place of mobile industry practitioners, business representatives, developers and marketers is a great opportunity for creative exchange of ideas and clash of different views and concepts.

And all the relationships established will definitely pay off in the future.