Apps to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

Apps to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions

A new year brings with it new plans and resolutions. These can be more or less individual, but there are some that are universal for all mankind. Lose weight, quit smoking, organize your time better – this is probably what each of us wants.

The Google Play store has suggested a number of apps that may prove particularly useful, we add a few of our types to it.

Create a list of resolutions and better plan your time – Any.DO – task list

The application is used for planning. It’s very easy to use and read, allows you to make task lists, and works to motivate you when you can chart each successive task well done. You can create a list of New Year’s resolutions on it and work on organizing your time from day to day.
Similar apps: SolCalendar, Day by Day Organizer Free.

Practice sports – Endomondo Sports Tracker

This app can motivate like no other. Endomondo is more than a simple app for measuring sports progress – in my opinion, it can be described as a social network for sports enthusiasts. The app records our progress, such as. The route, pace, distance and time of a run, bicycle tour or rollerblading ride.

It catches our personal records by itself and notifies us when we beat them. Our workouts are saved in the calendar, and best of all – we can also preview our friends’ calendars. When we see that our colleague has just completed a solid run, and we are lounging on the couch, the desire to compete is born in us.

The chances of getting out of the house for your own workout increase significantly.
Similar apps: Sports Tracker

Keep an eye on your menu – Calorific and Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorific is an app that helps us control what we eat, but without going into details. We specify the type of meal, the size of the individual components – whether they were, for example. Vegetables, dark or light bread, sweets – and the app itself estimates the caloric content of meals and the proportion of good, medium and bad ingredients.

The whole is displayed in the form of a pie chart, and we constantly strive for the green color to dominate on it.
For the more finicky, we recommend Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal. The app already allows you to specifically calculate the caloric values of individual ingredients. Although the application is written in English, you can also find many products from Polish manufacturers.

Control your progress in losing pounds – Libra Weight Manager

The application serves us to record the following weighings. Based on them, it estimates how much weight we will lose or gain in the near future and when we will reach our dream weight. In addition, based on the data we have entered, a graph is created, in which we can see our ups and downs like the palm of our hand.

This is very motivating, but remember not to weigh yourself more than once a week – it’s best to always do it on the same day and at a consistent time.

Drink the right amount of water – Water Your Body

The application attracts at first glance with its nice graphics. Allows us to control the amount of water we drink. This is important because the vast majority of people drink far too little of it during the day.

With Water Your Body we can not only control the amount of fluids we drink, but also set reminders that will help us develop a healthy habit of drinking water – preferably small portions throughout the day.

Quit Smoking – QuitNow!

The application is designed for people who want to finally quit smoking. Based on the data entered, the app estimates how many days we’ve gone without smoking, how much money and time we’ve managed to save, and how many cigarettes we haven’t smoked. In addition, it informs us about the health benefits we have already achieved – such as.

Reduce the risk of a heart attack or improve your senses of taste and smell. Motivating, right?
Similar apps: Stop Smoking

Take care of your sleep – Sleep as Android and Timely

The Sleep As Android app monitors our sleep, performing statistics from which we can measure the ideal length of our sleep. The app also examines those phases of sleep when our sleep is lighter and, based on them, chooses the ideal time to wake up, from among the time range we specify.
Another application is Timely, which is a special alarm clock so that we should no longer be late for work or class – the alarm clock tempts us with aesthetically pleasing visual effects, and also forces us to perform particular actions on the phone during wake-up, so that we can’t turn off the alarm clock or turn on the snooze blindly.