10 mobile trends for 2022 (and beyond) according to JWT – cz. II.

10 mobile trends for 2022 (and beyond) according to JWT – ch. II

Yesterday we wrote about the JWT Intelligence report – "10 Mobile Trends for 2022 and Beyond" ("10 Mobile Trends for 2022 and Beyond"). We presented the first 5 trends that JWT described in its publication. Today we present the second half of the predicted trends.

Finally, we also encourage you to read our native publication, which is TrendBook 2022 by Natalia Hatalskaya.
You can read about the top 5 trends described in the JWT report here. Meanwhile, we present the next trends, which focus not really on the technologies themselves and their development, but primarily on the impact of mobile on our personal, business and… emotional lives.

6. Machine outsourcing

Thanks to mobile devices, outsourcing has taken on a whole new meaning. Mobile devices are storing data for us, as well as performing certain activities and significantly facilitating work. The phone has become our second, auxiliary "brain", advisor and support in every situation – both in private and business life. Developments in this direction could mean that soon fiction from the movie "She" ("Her") may become a reality.

Phones will be our life partners, so to speak, doing the full spectrum of activities for us.

7. For the sake of security and privacy

As technology advances and „moves” most of our lives to the Internet and device memory, there is a growing fear about the security of our data. Currently 83% of mobile internet users are afraid to enter private data into mobile apps. Mobile criminals can read our data even when we use purely entertainment apps, seemingly safe.

As a result, the market for services and applications to guarantee the highest security of our data is growing significantly.

8. Attacking the machine

When part of our lives is transferred to a smartphone, it starts to cause anxiety in some of the users. As a result, our relationship with a smartphone can easily turn into a so-called "smartphone". "Love-hate relationship," meaning a relationship full of both love and hate. Smartphone addiction is on the rise, we feel anxious when we don't have it with us, looking at the phone screen is the last thing we do in the evening and the first thing we do in the morning.

As users ourselves, we are beginning to rebel at the fact that mobile devices have dominated our lives to such an extreme. The upcoming mobile trend may therefore be a desire…to isolate itself from mobile trends.

9. Spreading mobile

Phone manufacturers are producing ever-cheaper smartphone models to reach the largest possible audience. Service providers are lowering connectivity costs and expanding accessibility. The world is slowly moving towards a completely Eliminate the problem of mobile exclusion.

10. Mobile makes everything more difficult

Mobility is opening up a range of possibilities that we could previously only dream of. But that also means imposing an incredibly fast pace of change and adaptation for companies that need to keep up with these technologies. While improving the lives of users, mobile is effectively making life more difficult for many companies, Which do not always keep up with the pace of change.

They are not always able to guarantee users the services they expect in time.
The report closes with an interesting overview: "Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow: How mobile is changing business?", Where changes in each branch of business are presented with three pictures and accompanied by a short commentary. With such a solution, we can realize how significantly mobility affects our reality.