Internet Beta 2022 is just a month away.

Internet Beta 2022 is coming up next month

Meritory at the highest level, Polish and foreign experts of the Internet industry, and at the same time unforgettable emotions. During the previous editions the bar was set very high, and this time the participants will not be disappointed either – the next edition of the prestigious InternetBeta conference starts already in September!


„Like every new edition, this one will be special. Even more interesting topics, great speakers and an unforgettable atmosphere. I'd like to raise the bar again, and I'm confident that we will succeed.

While there will be no revolutionary changes in the format, rather evolution and refinement of details.”" emphasizes Mateusz Tułecki, organizer of InternetBeta 2022.



No one needs to be convinced that the Internet and new technologies unite, and certainly not the distinguished experts who will be guests at this year's InternetBeta conference. The list of speakers already includes more than 60 names, and this is just the beginning. The stage will feature Paweł Tkaczyk, Yuri Drabent, Mariusz Wesołowski, Krzysztof Sobieszek, Artur Kurasiński, Łukasz Gujski, Filip Połoska, Magdalena Dobrowolska-Sagan (Lemon Sky JWT), Izabela Ozaist, Maciej Wicha, Piotr Wrzalik, or Dr.

Marta Czyżewska. International flair will be provided by foreign visitors. And among them

Grainne Barron (Viddyad), Rory Yates (HeathWallace) and Shira Abel (Hunter & Bard).
The event is organized by the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, and co-organized by the Unity Group and Gazeta.en



"We are proud to once again join the organization of such a prestigious conference. Subsequent editions only prove the validity of the idea that has been guiding the organizers for years. Bringing together representatives of different communities related to the Internet develops relationships and provides a platform for the exchange of valuable comments, which can not always be experienced on a daily basis," adds Michal Kraus, Director of the.

PR and Marketing at Unity Group.