New among smartwatches LG G Watch R and Samsung Gear S, iWatch perhaps as early as September 9.

New among smartwatches: the LG G Watch R and Samsung Gear S, iWatch perhaps as early as September 9

This year largely belongs to wearables. Smartwatches haven’t let up since the beginning of the year, with manufacturers outdoing each other with new launches, improving their models and vying for more and more battery capacity. LG and Samsung have just unveiled new, increasingly original models.

The G Watch R from LG features a round dial making it similar to the Motorola 360, while Samsung’s Gear S has a semi-circular, convex screen and 3G standard, allowing it to communicate with a smartphone from a greater distance. There are also new rumors about the launch of Apple’s iWatch – it may be as early as September 9!

The round LG G Watch R

LG has just unveiled its latest smartwatch – the G Watch R. We’ve learned its specifications, but we’ll get a full glimpse of the device when it launches during the Berlin IFA 2022, which will take place next week. It is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of this year.
What sets the watch apart is the dial, which resembles standard watches rather than smartwatches. Thanks to the use of round dial in a steel frame, The watch is sure to appeal to the aesthetic tastes of many people, although there is no avoiding the resemblance to its competitor – the Motorola 360. The round design may fit into fashion trends much more smoothly than the angular screens of other smartwatches.
The watch features a rounded Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display. Its diameter is 1.3 inches, and the manufacturer guarantees exceptional image quality. As for the inside of the watch, it houses a Processor 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 backed by 512MB of RAM. The G Watch R has an internal memory of 4GB.

The battery capacity is 410mAh.
The watch features water resistance, although in this regard it has its limitations – we can afford a half-hour swim. The watch also has a heart rate monitor. The installed system is a Android Wear.

The user gets access to a number of applications available on Google Play, as well as LG software, which, combined with a heart rate monitor, can allow monitoring health and physical activity at a very good level. In addition, the watch retains its core functionality, so it will keep the user up to date with all messages from his smartphone – messages, calls or calendar events.

Samsung Gear S with 3G standard

Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_2

The competition is not sleeping – Samsung has also presented its latest innovation in the wearables category, unveiling the Samsung Gear S. The watch has Rounded 2-inch Super AMOLED display. Thanks to its rounded shape, the watch fits even better on the wrist and features an intriguing design.
According to the manufacturer, the watch redefines the existing wearables experience – the Gear S has a 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi standard. This allows us to view notifications from social media, messengers or apps even when the phone will be out of our hands. Messages can be answered using the on-screen keyboard or through voice control.
The Samsung Gear S has a dual-core processor 1.0GHz. RAM is 512MB and internal memory is 4GB – the same as the competition from LG. The battery comes out a little weaker in this comparison, as it has a capacity of 300mAh.

The operating system installed on the watch is Tizen.
The watch also features two practical apps – Nike+ Running, which is designed to help runners monitor their progress. The other interesting application is Nokia Here maps, which can be used by pedestrians for easy and precise navigation.
Samsung also unveiled the Samsung Gear Circle headset, which allows you to take calls, listen to music and give voice commands via a Bluetooth connection. Both the smartwatch and smartphones will gradually go on sale worldwide starting in October.