7 apple apps for Android.

7 apple apps for Android

Eat apples! At the moment, Poles no longer need to be encouraged to reach for these fruits. In order for our country not to be affected by the embargo, each of us should eat 5kg more apples per year than before. So get to it!

Remember, if you brag about your apple meals online, use the tag #EatApples. In addition to eating apples, we also encourage you to welcome this fruit to your smartphone. There are quite a variety of apps in the Google Play store that are dominated by this fruit.

1. Become an expert – Varieties of apples

Going to the store or a nearby market we are sometimes overwhelmed by the multitude of varieties of apples. Lobo, Cortland, Red Delicious, Champagne, Elstar or maybe Mutsu? These names don’t tell you anything? Nothing is wrong, thanks to the app Varieties of apples Now you will always know how to best hit your tastes and needs. Sweet, sour, hard, soft, raw, for compote or apple pie?

This app will help you choose the species of apple perfectly suited to your needs. The application in the Google Play store costs a symbolic PLN 3.10.

2. Apple baking – Apple Recipes

If you have already chosen the perfect type of apple, we encourage you to bake something tasty. Unfortunately, we have not yet lived to see a Polish application with only apple recipes, but among the English-language items there are already such items. We recommend two, which have fairly high ratings in the Google Play store – Apple Recipes and a second one with a twin name.

With these apps, apples in the kitchen will find definitely more uses than just the traditional apple pie.

3. Cooking on the screen – Cooking Apple pie

If you don’t necessarily want to stand in the kitchen baking an apple pie, bake it on your smartphone screen. This game is sure to appeal to all fans of cooking and kitchen games. In the app Cooking Apple Pie, This is what it’s all about – baking the perfect apple cake.

Banal, but addictive.

4. Exercise brain hemispheres cooperation – Colorblind Apples Game

The app is very simple and aesthetically pleasing. It will give your brain quite a workout. App Colorblind Apples Game Displays apples in different colors on the screen, additionally signed with color names.

The writing on the apple, however, does not match the color of the fruit itself. In this game you have to indicate the real color of the apple, not just the signature. After playing the game for a while, you’ll feel your brain working hard!

5. Apple Battery Status – Apple Battery

Bored with the standard view of the battery on the phone screen? Now your smartphone’s battery status can be represented by a juicy red apple. Apple Battery is a widget that displays the battery status on the smartphone screen as an apple in the “eating” phase – from full piece to a stub, when the battery is close to draining.

Apple and transparent.

6. In love with Apple – Shoot the Apple

If you feel like playing a nicely crafted puzzle game starring an apple, give it a try Shoot the Apple. It’s a game in which an ufool falls in love with an apple and wants very much to reach it. With the help of a cannon, he has to overcome obstacles on the boards to finally reach his beloved apple.

Google Play users praise the game, rating it 4.5!