Jerzy Zientkowski, a speaker at Inspiration Day, talks about how the IT industry connects to the speaker’s work

Jerzy Zientkowski, speaker at Inspiration Day MTC2022, talks about how the IT industry connects to the speaker's work

One of the speakers at the 2022 Mobile Trends Conference answers 3 questions for the speaker at Inspiration Day, a new addition to the MTC. Jerzy Zientkowski is an inspirational speaker, coach, mentor and trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. As he writes about himself – "one of the few IT speakers who can be both effective – and understood".

In the interview, he talks about his experience – how the IT industry connects to his work as a speaker, and what he will be willing to talk about with MTC2022 conference attendees.
You have a very rich experience in giving lectures to. Did any of them relate in any way to the mobile industry? What did you talk about?
My career just started with industry speakers – related to IT and related to projects, led by me. The first was for a document scanning system, another – implementation of terminals for drivers. With this second one I just visited conferences in Poland and the Czech Republic, talking about the problems, failures and difficulties, but also about the fascination of the then emerging market in the specific logistics industry, about working with people and how the subject was mastered.
Which of the lectures you have given so far has been the most valuable, inspiring for you personally?
I would love to turn this question around: which of the lectures was the most valuable for the audience, the listeners. I always try to perceive reality from other perspectives, so to speak, „stepping” into the shoes of the recipient; this way of thinking has just remained with me from my work in IT, it also works strangely in speaking. The best lectures for me are those after which I have the most interaction with the audience, I have the opportunity to talk, touch, answer questions, I see that the topic „surprised”.
You will give a talk at the Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What your speech will be about?
The title is "Mobile stories, or where I read most often". Despite the obvious associations and my sly sense of humor, it will be most serious. I have been involved in IT for nearly twenty years, the last few years in the industry, in corporations and for external clients have more or less been about sales force mobility, logistics or – oh horror – board mobility.

I approach the subject practically and pragmatically, albeit strongly gadgetry, and about this, about the perspective of a forty-year-old with experience on both sides of the barricade, with a consumer but also professional approach, I would like to talk to the participants of Mobile Trends 2022.

Jerzy Zientkowski

Inspirational speaker, coach, mentor and trainer. With nearly 20 years of experience, he is one of the few IT speakers who can be both effective – and understood. Focused on effectiveness, clarity and uniqueness of the message, it strives to connect with the audience as one of the most important tools of a public speaker. Conducts dozens of trainings, lectures and presentations a year, additionally mentoring selected senior management clients or helping to prepare presentations in 'tricky’ situations;.

With more than 17 years of experience in IT, at the intersection of business, sales and customer service, has developed a unique set of communication tools to work with different industries, different customer needs, in multinational environments.