50% of users find mobile ads useful and better than traditional ads.

50% of users consider mobile ads useful and better than traditional ads

The latest research conducted as part of the c0r0 Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study report by xAd and Telmetrics showed that buyers are now increasingly influenced by mobile advertising. 58% of marketers say mobile video ads perform far better than traditional TV ads. Mobile advertising definitely has potential and is developing it in the right direction.

Could it be that we are finally seeing advertising that is more likely to engage and interest the viewer rather than annoy them?

50% of mobile shoppers rate ads positively

According to the results of the Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, blisko 50% of mobile shoppers say mobile ads give them the information they need. That's up 113% from the 22% of people who made this claim in the 2013 survey. It turns out that 40% of respondents click on ads and nearly half of them continue to engage in advertising, for example. checking recommended sites or searching for additional information about the advertised product. Half of those who click on a mobile ad decide to buy within an hour, 70% make a purchase as soon as the ad is displayed.

Mobile ads, therefore, definitely favor impulsive purchases, made on the spur of the moment.
The research helped to identify the factors that make mobile advertising so successful. The most important factor that triggers engagement with the viewer is the relevance of such advertising, i.e. its good adaptation to the needs of the recipient. Ads offering discounts and coupons and those based on the user's location are the most popular. 40% of mobile users clicked on a mobile ad because it matched their interests.

It turns out that users pay more attention to ads because they understand that they are used to support free content.

Mobile video more effective than TV ads


It turns out that not only static mobile ads are very successful. In recent times ¾ of marketers are choosing to spend more on video advertising And apparently they have good reason to do so. According to a study conducted jointly by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Tremor Video and Millward Brown, Video ads viewed on a smartphone screen are significantly better received, compared to traditional TV ads.

Mobile ads create greater engagement with the viewer and better influence brand awareness.
The survey tested 150 respondents who viewed a total of 300 video campaigns, targeting both TV and mobile devices. The vast majority of respondents perceived mobile ads as more attractive and exciting, Than TV ads. In addition, adjectives such as unique, inspiring or encouraging have been bandied about in relation to mobile vs.

TV ads. However, several negative terms were also rained on, such as annoying, boring, inadequate or rejecting. However, many marketers nevertheless decide to take a risk by investing in mobile advertising – 58% of them say it will perform better than TV advertising, and only 15% of marketers find mobile advertising less engaging than TV advertising.