Grants of 100,000 euros for startups developing mobile technologies.

Grants of €100,000 for startups developing mobile technologies


The IMPACT gas pedal, funded by the European Commission's Future Internet program, has launched a call for applications in a competition for the best business or research ventures related to the mobile Internet. The competition is aimed at startups and small and medium-sized enterprises registered in the European Union.

This is the first Open Call of three that will be conducted under the project in two years. The total budget of the gas pedal is 6.4 million euros. The first competition will distribute 2 million euros.
Submitted projects or services must comply with the guidelines of the European Commission's Future Internet program. IMPACT supports ventures primarily related to the development of mobile applications and the creation of business models based on mobile solutions. The gas pedal's field of interest primarily includes technologies and services in the areas of communications, social media, video services, design, education, entertainment, e-commerce, security, infrastructure, finance and smart cities.
Companies and individuals can apply to the project from September 29 to November 7 via a form on the fundingbox Applications with the most innovative ideas and best aligned with market realities will receive €90,000 in non-refundable financial assistance and a six-month accelerator program worth €10,000.
In addition, the most promising projects will get access to an investment program worth up to 250,000 euros.

  • IMPACT will award up to 100,000 euros in non-refundable aid to the best projects
  • In addition, IMPACT will offer the best ventures grants of up to 250,000 euros.
  • Application period: September 29-November 7, 2022

About the IMPACT gas pedal

The inauguration of the IMPACT gas pedal took place on July 1, 2022, under the European Commission's Future Internet Public-Private Partnership Programme (FI-PPP). It is one of 16 gas pedals set up at the initiative of the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Program(FP7-2013-ICT-FI). Its goal is to improve the competitiveness of European companies in the global market by supporting projects related to mobile technologies.
The consortium behind the gas pedal includes: