Mobile is underestimated all the time – a mistake. Iwo Szapar.

Mobile is underestimated all the time – it's a mistake. – Iwo Szapar

Today we present you an interview with Iwo Szapar – General Manager of Shopgate Poland. At Mobile Trends Conference 2022, he will give a talk on m-commerce entitled „In 2022, are we in danger… of a Mobile Revolution in shopping?”
Grzegorz Kozubowski: What are the biggest challenges facing the mobile industry in 2022?

Iwo Szapar: Poland's mobile industry in 2022. Above all, it is waiting to prove that its time has finally come. Breaking through this barrier will automatically increase expenditures and budgets invested in mobile. The breakthrough in the perception of the mobile market will at the same time become the best flywheel for even more dynamic development. Mobile is all the time underestimated – this is a mistake.

There is a lot of talk about it, but few do it seriously. Doesn't want to use the already very, very worn out phrase „the year of mobile” but indeed this moment has just arrived.
On the consumer side (and according to the. Research on the Polish market may already be more than 15 million. smartphones and tablets) is much more ready to enter the mobile sphere than on the side of companies and suppliers, who often lose money every day without knowing it. This is currently the biggest problem of the entire mobile industry, and at the same time a challenge to be faced.
On the one hand, one should not forget about education and mobile evangelism, showing the target audience what benefits they can achieve by making their daily lives easier with mobile e.g. making purchases on the phone, standing in line at the doctor's instead of standing in another line at a stationary store. At this point, however, it is worth remembering that all the time a large proportion of smartphone users in Poland do not take full advantage of their capabilities and use them as if they were ordinary phones – this is a huge field for our industry in terms of education.
On the other hand, already aware consumers who are potential mobile customers for companies can't be treated lightly, encountering a notorious lack of mobile where they need it. The very fact that 61% of respondents have a better opinion of a company if it is "correctly mobilized" should give decision-makers food for thought.
To sum up: Poland, mobilize yourself 🙂
What is your favorite app and why?
Hm… A tough question. This will have to do with my intensive German language training, which is supported by the Flashcards Delux app. A brilliant learning tool that allows me to manage every free 5 minutes – wherever I am. The teacher sends a list of phrases to the app after a lesson, and the app automatically turns them into fiches with translations.

Fast, simple and convenient. Learning vocabulary has never been so fun and effective. I recommend to all!
Finally, I'd still like to ask you to present the topic of your speech, which will take place at Mobile Trends Conference 2022.
During my presentation, I will present the state of Polish m-commerce based on an analysis conducted with more than 100 Shopgate stores in Poland. There is a lot of talk about mobile shopping in our country, but there are few specifics. We, in the last 6 months since we entered, have seen how dynamically our market is changing and what regularities can be seen.

We want to share our knowledge and talk about the development of m-commerce, because there is something to talk about.