PROMA EXPO – Silesian Advertising Printing and Marketing Fair.

PROMA EXPO – Silesian Advertising, Printing and Marketing Fair

Inspiring meetings with people is what you should always make time for. Thousands of specializedów during the most important industry event in the region, is certainly an opportunity for many extremely interesting conversationsów, whichóre always the first step to new ideasów and innovative changes. Proma Expo 2022 exhibitors as well as Guests bring with them róhe diversity and wealth of expert knowledge and new perspectives.

PROMA NetCoffee, in the heart of the exhibition, is a lively meeting place, ideal for exchanging experiences, formal and non-formal meetings, and chatting with long-lost acquaintances.

In a technologically advanced marketing environment, it is of paramount importance for market success to understand modern marketing, to know the optimal advertising, printing, technological solutions for your business. For finding yourself in the topówce of its industry, it is indispensable to learn about intelligent marketing solutions.
PROMA EXPO is the entire Marketing Mix in one place. Supports participantów multidimensional in Professional Development Opportunities, Technology and Innovation, Latest Trendsów of First Hand, Training and Lectureów within the PROMA KNOWLEDGE zone.

  • Many representatives of companies – expertóin an industry open to talk in one place.
  • In an age of vast amounts of information about companies and their offerings, visiting a trade showów gives the opportunity to find the right partners for themselvesóin commercial and cooperativeów and use the most effective form of contact – face-to-face.
  • Opportunity to learn about innovations and news in the world of printing, advertising and marketing.
  • The opportunity to literally touch a huge amount of productów presented during the event.
  • The first step to finding the perfect solutions and signing new contractsów.


It is difficult to imagine even a micro enterprise, whichóre could function without the services or productóin advertising and printing. PROMA EXPO offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees to get acquainted with a wide range of industry offerings, as well as innovations and novelties on the market. PROMA EXPO is a trade fair of the type „Business for Business”.

Visitors to the fairów are professionals from a wide range of specialties, including Marketing, Advertising, Brand Management, IT, Publishing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, CRM, Media, Rozwój and Strategic Planning, Finance, Management, Public Relations, E-commerce, Database Marketing, Visual Identity, Training, Event Marketing, Social Media, Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Large Format Printing, Photo Services, POS Materials.


  • POLIGRAPH – Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Large Format Printing, Flexographic Printing, Printing Materials and Equipment, Accessories, Services, Print Finishing, Print Media
  • ADVERTISING COMPANY – Advertising Agencies, Event Agencies, Advertising Gifts, Websites, Cloud Computing, Social Media, CRM Systems, Databases, Consulting Companies, Radio and Television Advertising
  • TECHNOLOGY FOR ADVERTISING – Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Engraving, Embroidery, Plotters, Sublimation Printing
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS – Photography studios, photography services, computer graphics design
  • OUTDOOR AND INDOOR ADVERTISING – LED screens, Light advertising, Vehicle wrappingów, POS Materials, Exhibition Systems, Flags, Masts, Coffers, Balloons, Tents, Mobile Advertising, Visual Identification Systems
  • PUBLISHERS, PORTALS AND BANŻA OGANIZATIONS – Printing Periodicals, Printing Publishers, Marketing and Advertising Monthlies, Marketing Publishers, Printing Portals, Marketing Portals, Printing Organizations, Advertising and Marketing Organizations


The trade show is the ideal environment for the end user to see the entire range of products in one placeóThe event will also be attended by lecturers of the following products and services currently on the market. For suppliersów is the ideal place to position their businesses according to their own strategy. Unique Sales Proposition during the fairóin between the exhibitor and the end buyer, leads to sales more often than in a more formal meeting, e.g. in the office.
And here is the evidence:

  • More than 90% of executives believe that live contact is the most effective tool to interest potential customersóin its offerings.
  • 86% of executives believe that trade show events are second only to their own website in terms of generating sales.
  • 80% of executives believe that customers are willing to spend more at companies thatóof the employeesów know personally.
  • Ahead of the show, 30% of visitors believe it is the best form of marketing – When there is interaction and an opportunity to poróróWhile this percentage increases to 74% after the event.
  • Before the event, 32% of visitors believe they will make a purchase under the influence of the event, after the event this figure rises to 63%.
  • Visitors believe that receiving a first-hand message results in a much better memory of the exhibitów and their offerings. Before the show, 28% of visitors think so, after the show the percentage rises to 65%.


PROMA KNOWLEDGE is a key part of the fairów, during the lectureóthe event will cover the most interesting and up-to-date topics in marketing and printing. Organizers prepare with the utmost care for the seminar part, so that participants from the lectureów left equipped with the latest knowledge given in an inspiring, very natural and in line with practice form.
Big Data and Marketing Cloud are the hottest topics for any marketer, and the From Web to Print issue is a modern guide for everyone working in the printing industry on a daily basis. The lectures will be delivered by practitionersóin the industry, working in top Polish and global companies, as well as by lecturers ofóin academics experienced in business.
Technical and promotional trainings will show a wide range of new productsów and services, as well as technological solutions for the advertising and printing industry. They will be led by suppliersóIn for both industries and by printing and advertising companies.