Summary of Mobile Central Europe.

Summary of Mobile Central Europe

On January 11, 2022, the first edition of the Mobile Central Europe conference took place. The event, organized by the Mobile Warsaw group (which brings together developersóThe event attracted 400 people from theób to Warsaw’s Praha Cinema. The conference was aimed strictly at developersóin mobile devices, but the program also featured presentations on more general topicsólne. The agenda included 21 lectures conducted róin parallel in 3 cinema halls.

In addition, during the lunch break there were króThe winners were selected by the chapter of the contest. flash talks.

IMAG0018The speakers were divided into 3 headsów different thematic blocks. The first one was dedicated to android software development. The second one dealt with the subject of interfaceów, user experience and devices from the wearables category.

While the third block was devoted to topics in iOS app development.
One of the sponsorsów made it possible to practice the information presented at the lecture in a specially created section with computers for coding. It was possible to play with the presented technical solutions in practice.
A lot of attention was attracted to topics related to wearables, i.e. devices to be worn on the body such as watches or glasses. They are usually used as an interface between the user and his smartphone and as hardware to add new functionality. By wirelessly connecting wearables to your phone, you can enjoy the benefits of mobile devices faster and more naturally. The lectures presented ogólne features of this type of equipment and the particularós on how toóin programming.

One of the speakersów provided the opportunity to personally test Google Glass in action.
In between lectures and during the afterparty there was time to get contactsóin the industry. The organizers offered participation in a mobile networking game, thanks to which theóThe program also included presentations on more general topicsób make contacts. It is interesting to note that before the conference started, the app had already been hacked by someórych participantów. The venue for the meeting was a movie theater, so there was no shortage of fresh popcorn, whichóry was available throughout the conference.

It was also possible to play games on the cinema screen.
The first edition of Mobile Central Europe can be considered successful due to interesting lectures and good organization. This is also evidenced by the complimentary comments of the participantów on Twitter. Until next time!
Marcin Stachura