Facebook news “Buy” button and Facebook Mentions – VIP-only application.

Facebook news: the "Buy" button and Facebook Mentions – a VIP-only app

Facebook is relentless in expanding its range of services and applications. First, the "Buy" ("Buy") buttons, which allow you to shop directly from Facebook, are in the testing phase. In addition, there is also a new Facebook Mentions mobile application, but ordinary users will not have access to it – it is targeted only to VIPs.

modify_finalBuy now on Facebook

Facebook is adding an e-commerce (or even m-commerce) option to its ranks, allowing users to make purchases directly from the portal or mobile app. Small and medium-sized businesses in the US don't even have to pay extra to test the button.
After pressing the "Buy" ("Buy") button, the user will not be redirected to the retailer's website, but will be the entire purchase process will be able to be finalized directly from Facebook. Facebook promises not to transfer private data to other service providers.