When creating mobile solutions, let the user be lazy – Romek Lubczynski.

When creating mobile solutions, let the user be lazy – Romek Lubczynski

The “3 questions for the speaker” are answered by Romek Lubczynski, who has been professionally involved in advertising and new media for more than 20 years, and has worked at Young Group for 13 years & Rubicam Brands. He talks about multi-screening in its execution, which in this case is directly related to cross-platform, and that in “mobiles” it is not only money that counts, but also user engagement and likability.
Mobile apps don’t just have to sell. What application of the application in the business have you most appreciated?
It may not be an acknowledgment, but I was very happy to see Microsoft release Office’a for the iPad. I’m not the only one, by the way, as Office for iPad was downloaded more than 12 million times in its first week (!), which shows two things in my opinion:

  • How powerful (and probably unrivaled) Microsoft’s product is at the moment
  • How Microsoft itself is changing under the new reign (I am aware, of course, that the iOS app’a was already being prepared).

I am enthusiastic about cross-platform. I have used Apple’s hardware for years, and I remember the days when opening a simple macro text file on a PC (and vice versa) required a lot of technical knowledge.
Now, although I mostly use windows windows, I also have apple hardware next to me, and that’s why I am most excited about solutions that allow me to exchange my resources between my screens without any problems. Office for iPad helps me a lot in this regard.
Of others – I continually love the Pocket app (formerly ReadItLater), which allows me to store articles worth reading and reach for them at an opportune moment for me.
What is not worthwhile, not profitable to do in „mobajl”?
It depends on the interpretation of the word „pays” 😉 For the time being, in a world of many systems and competition for standards (such as mobile payments or proximity technologies), it can be confidently calculated that many mobile projects are unprofitable. But after all, it’s not only such cost-effectiveness that is important.
So let me put it another way: it certainly doesn’t pay to make promises that don’t deliver. If we don’t get too lazy and provide the user with a solution that makes his life easier (i.e., allows HIM to be lazy) then even the relatively large cost incurred by the marketer will come back to him in the form of a good association or even user engagement. We must remember that the mobile device is a powerful tool in the hand of the user, so any attempt to transfer marketing habits from other channels to modern marketing communications is doomed to failure in advance.

AT Y&R Mobile therefore strives not to lose sight of what users need and to connect them with brands on their own terms. This approach greatly increases the chance of success.
You will give a lecture at Mobile Trends for Business. What will your speech be about?
About the superiority of experience over promises. I have been working in advertising for 20 years now so promising is not alien to me 🙂 Fortunately, I have been heavily involved in online’projects since the beginning, and as a result, my perspective on the recipient of communication is much more empathetic.
With my speech I would like to reach out primarily to marketers and those responsible for marketing communications of their brands. It&#8217s about time that the promises they make with our participation are covered by real experience with the brand. There is no turning back from this anymore, because of the development of technology, thanks to which the recipient says „Check!”, can not be stopped.

Romek Lubczynski

Having worked in advertising and new media for more than 20 years, and for 13 years within the Young Group & Rubicam Brands, where he co-founded and later headed the first interactive division for many years. Successfully implemented online presence strategies and executed online campaigns for major Polish clients such as PTK Centertel, Polkomtel, Citi Handlowy, BRE, Colgate, Ford, Nokia, Danone, Xerox, LG and others. Passionate about mobile technology for more than 10 years. In 2003, he participated in the first Polish project to implement RPG on cell phones. Under his leadership, Wunderman agency has become one of the largest Polish application publishers in the Polish Windows Store (over 2 million downloads).

Passionate about skiing and AWD so winter is his favorite season.