Google Inbox – a new (revolutionary ) email app from the Gmail team.

Google Inbox – the new (revolutionary?) mail application from the Gmail team

Inbox is a new email app from Google. This time, however, Google has abandoned its allegiance to Gmail, allowing those with inboxes other than those with the gmail suffix to use the app as As the developers write on Google’s official blog: “Inbox was created by the same people who created Gmail, but it’s not Gmail.

It’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.”.
As always, Google shows its mastery of proper word choice and product addressing. Email is a channel we use every day, several or even dozens (hundreds of?) times a day. Every minute, more than 204 million emails are sent worldwide*. Therefore, a robust email app seems to be a total necessity for any mobile user.

Until now, only Gmail account holders have been able to use Google’s email products. Now Google is opening up to others. The application itself offers many additional features that will allow us to manage messages more efficiently, and thus our time.

In the promotional video, the Inbox app even resembles a personalized social network or personal assistant, tailoring everything to our needs.

Personal assistant in an email application

E-mail is used to keep in touch with friends (although these have largely been replaced by Facebook and other messengers), business contacts, private contacts, more and less formal contacts… On e-mail we get private messages – typical “letters”, but also important notifications, information from the bank, from the airport, from the doctor, advertising offers… There’s no denying it – on a daily basis we drown in e-mail. Most of us have sometimes overlooked an important message, noticed it late or read it on the run and then forgotten to reply to it. Google’s Inbox offers several solutions to cure these problems: