The smartphone market in Poland is becoming saturated – IAB Poland Mobile report.

The smartphone market in Poland is becoming saturated – IAB Polska Mobile report

On the occasion of the IAB Expert Panel discussion panel, the topic of which concerned the potential for the development of the mobile market in Poland, there was also a presentation of research done for the IAB Poland Mobile report. IAB Creative Showcase awards were also presented for the best branding creation.

IAB Poland Mobile Report

Before the IAB Expert Panel discussion, which took place on February 13, 2022., Pawel Kolenda presented the results of a survey of the IAB Poland Mobile report, which was conducted at the end of 2013. For the report, a quantitative survey was conducted on a widely randomized sample of respondents aged 15+. 5,000 interviews were conducted, which gives a strongly credible research group.

The survey was conducted among Polish Internet users, which is worth bearing in mind when comparing the results of the report with other reports.
The most popular e-device in Poland is a mobile computer, used by 66% of respondents. In second place are already smartphones – 57% of Internet users own this device, but of these only 36% are conscious users (they know that their phone is a smartphone and consciously use it). In a report prepared by Mikowska – Mobile Marketing Report in Poland , which included a broader research group, the following data is given: smartphone penetration in Poland in 2013 was 33%, and informed users accounted for 58% of the.

IAB research shows that the smartphone market in Poland is becoming saturated and growth will continue, but it will not be as significant.
The phenomenon of multi-screening was also examined – it turns out that 65% of people, while watching traditional TV, use other screens at the same time – mainly a computer (67%), a smartphone (23%) and a tablet (9%). Conscious users also often use free applications downloaded to the phone (77%). Right behind them are pre-installed apps (75%), and in third place (15%) are paid ones.

For tablets, the statistics look almost the same.
Mobile devices also support shopping processes – when looking for information about products or the lowest prices, we most often use computers (90%), but mobile devices are also a frequent choice – 59% use smartphones for shopping processes, 56% use tablets. The final finding of the survey is that advertisers are beginning to realize the value of mobile advertising and there is a slow increase in the amount of money being spent on just this type of promotion. In 2012, the value of mobile online advertising was 14 million zlotys, in the third quarter of 2013 it was 18 million.

IAB Creative Showcase

On the occasion of the IAB panel discussion, awards were presented to the best campaigns of the fall as part of the IAB Creative Showcase. The award was won by the campaign implemented by Vizeum Poland / Isobar Poland for Ferrero Poland to introduce the new strawberry Tic Tac snacks. You can read more about the campaign here.
The main purpose of the meeting in Warsaw was a panel discussion, which focused on the mobile market in Poland. You can read the coverage of this part of the event at this link.