For this year’s Mobile Trends, we are preparing something special – Mariola Szypszak and Tomasz Witt.

For this year's Mobile Trends, we are preparing something special – Mariola Szypszak and Tomasz Witt

Another interview in the "3 questions to the speaker" series, but the first conducted with two people at once! Our questions were answered by Mariola Szypszak and Tomasz Witt from Norbsoft.
Grzegorz Kozubowski: Which system do you think is the best: Android, iOS or maybe Windows Phone? Why?

Tomasz Witt: It all depends on tastes, one prefers blondes, another brunettes 🙂 I will answer, so in a slightly different way:
Most popular: Android
The most profitable: iOS
Easiest to program: Windows Phone
The biggest fragmentation: Android
Most paid apps: iOS
The longest time to accept an app into the store: iOS
Easiest to distribute: Android
The prettiest: iOS 7.x
Fastest: iOS
Oldest: iOS
Youngest: Windows Phone
As you can see, each system has its advantages and disadvantages – I personally use an iPhone’a with iOS 7 as my main phone, and this is the fourth consecutive Apple device in my pocket. I was not convinced by the openness of Android or Windows tiles, although I see their advantages and I am not one of Apple's blind followers 🙂
What is your favorite app and why?
Mariola Szypszak: Mobile apps are my natural environment – especially android, sweet KitKat:). I have a lot of favorites, without which it would be hard for me to function already at the moment. They mainly help me on a daily basis: organize my calendar, make shopping easier, match cinema repertoire to my expectations and interests, pay for tickets, etc.

One could list endlessly here. On the other hand, the application I use with great pleasure is PAYBACK – Bonus Program. Since you can pay with Payback points in Empik stores – my daughters' home library is regularly replenished with new books. When paying for purchases – the salesman ALWAYS asks: „or maybe you want to pay with PAYBACK points?”. The entire transaction takes the same amount of time as a regular credit card payment, and immediately after the purchase, the data in the app updates and the current point balance is visible.

I explain – the conversion is very simple – one point is equivalent to one penny. Once a week I update the e-coupons in the app which allows me to collect extra points for refueling, shopping at BP stations or at SMYK or Natura drugstores. I encourage everyone to try this feature. It works perfectly. 🙂
Finally, please tell me what your speech at Mobile Trends Conference 2022 will be about?
We, as usual, about applications, but for this year's Mobile Trends, we are preparing something special – we will show a ready-made from A to Z in a nutshell:) Our presentation will be about a certain application from the idea to implementation to promotion and results. We promise that it will be interesting and dynamic.