Is a watch that needs to be charged every few days still a watch Wearables according to Christopher Scira

Is a watch that needs to be charged every few days still a watch? Wearables according to Krzysztof Scira

Krzysztof Scira, owner of desi9n, which creates web-based solutions, and also a multiple speaker at the conference nt. Mobile device programming answers 3 questions for Mobile Trends Conference 2022 speaker. He has already been recognized twice by attendees of the 2012 and 2013 editions of MTC, being named the best Development Day speaker.

In the interview, he presents his critical view of "wearable" technologies, where fashion seems to prevail over functionality.

What in your opinion turned out to be the mobile "failure" of 2022 and why?
In my opinion, all kinds of "wearable" novelties, which were actually gadgets straight from a children's playground. Of course I support the creation of user-friendly technology, but is a watch that needs to be charged every few days still a watch? I won't mention the aesthetics of smartwatches, because while classic watches are matched to a man's character or lifestyle, colorful bracelets should be worn almost exclusively by women – just as an interesting accessory to match shoes or handbag 🙂 Just whether it's still „mobile” or maybe already „fashion”?
If you had to leave only three apps on your phone, which one would be your choice and why?

  • Gmail – I can't imagine communication without a convenient email client, it gets weirder and weirder from version to version, but such are the laws of the market – Google sets the standards.
  • Osmand – when I'm driving – Automap is indispensable, but for navigating on foot or on a bicycle, this very accurate and extensive fully free application is much better.
  • Phone – because I think we are slowly forgetting that phones are primarily used for calling 🙂 Is it more convenient to write someone a lengthy email, text message on a touchscreen keyboard than 30 seconds of conversation? I leave this for your evaluation.

I will give a lecture at Mobile Trends Conference 2022. What will your speech be about?
This will be my fifth speech at the Mobile Trends Conference, and once again I will try to surprise the audience at least a little bit. As always – it will be very technical and specific. And what exactly?

So far it has been about Phonegap, performance, application optimization, as well as the business aspects of hybrid technology selection.
This time we will try to get closer to perfection and solve some seemingly – unsolvable problems. Hence the title of my lecture: "In pursuit of web perfection…".
I will present popular problems and sometimes quite non-obvious ways of solving them that arise whether in the case of web or hybrid applications – I leave the field of native applications to specialists in this field, who will not be absent on the MTC either :).